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Beware Of Fakes

There are a number of Fake Cryolipolysis Machines out there, that are not TGA approved and illegal to use in Australia. A client’s treatment result of a fake product is extremely poor because of low-cost machine parts, brief testing, and low-quality control. This can deter them and their friends from having any future Fat Freezing, losing faith in the treatment and giving it a bad name in the industry, simply because they were not educated about fake and inferior machines.

Clinics must only use TGA and FDA Approved Machines. TGA has a duty of care to Australian Consumers to regulate the medical industry and keep them safe against non TGA Registered illegal and harmful medical devices being used under False Advertising in business and physically injuring clients.

Sometimes imitation machines slip through the cracks so protect yourself and ensure you ask the Clinic for the ARTG Identification Number when searching for a treatment provider, if they cannot provide this, it has NOT been approved to use in Australia, your money will be wasted, you won't get results, and an illegal machine medically will put you at risk.

Alternatively go to our Clinics Page to locate a Clinic that uses the TGA Approved CoolSlimming™ Machines.