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Always Use Quality Anti-Freeze Membranes On Your Cryolipolysis Device

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Anti-Freeze Membranes

CoolSlimming Anti-Freeze Membranes


Protect your business with the only Australian made TGA listed CoolSlimming Anti-Freeze Membranes.

Each membrane is manufactured from quality ingredients, ensuring each packet contains enough anti-freezing fluid to provide optimal protection for your device and your client. 

They are very large at 25cm x 40cm @ 75g each.

They have a 3 year Guarantee Period and are safe and effective.

Do not endanger your Cryolipolysis system with cheap membranes of an unclear origin.

Ensure Liability Insurance coverage with TGA listed CoolSlimming Anti-Freeze Membranes.

MediCel CoolSlimming Membranes
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CoolSlimming Anti-Freeze Membranes

Free Trial!

There’s no need to overpay for Gel Pads anymore!

We can decrease your consumable cost by up to 75%

Our CoolSlimming Membranes are

Compatible with any Fat Freeing Device for

 Non-Invasive Permanent Fat Reduction

We are so confident you’ll prefer our membranes, not only because of the price but also the quality, we would like to send you a sample pack for FREE! No obligation!

Fill out the form below with your business details and we will send you a sample pack for Free!

You have nothing to lose except paying for overpriced consumables!

Try Australian Made and Increase your profit now! 

Contact CoolSlimming For
A Free Sample Pack Of Anti-Freeze Membranes
*Limit Of One Sample Per Business & Must Offer Cryolipolysis Treatments

Thank You!

Someone Will Be In Contact With You Shortly.

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