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Become A CoolSlimming™ Stockist

At CoolSlimming™ we provide the following to help your business grow:

  • A dedicated space on our website to link into your business website

  • Advertising Material for your own site and Social Media pages

  • Full Training by an Accredited CoolSlimming™ Specialist for your staff

  • We also have a variety of CoolSlimming™ Plans to suit your Clinics specific needs


Wholesale Enquiries

CoolSlimming™ Training

If you are looking to get certified to administer Cryolipolysis Treatments, then this intensive and complete training course is a must.

Our CoolSlimming™ Certified Training Course has been designed to give you everything you need to know, in order to provide safe and effective treatments.

Our Certified Machines have proven results, along with our quality training by our qualified trainer this equates to exceptional results for your clients and your business.

CoolSlimming™️ is Australia's #1 Preferred, TGA Approved, Trusted and Sought after Cryolipolysis Treatment Professionals.

We are the only Australian Authorised CoolSlimming™️ Cryolipolysis Machine Distributors.

Contact Our Head Office For Wholesale Enquiries

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CoolSlimming Finance


Due to the overwhelming request of businesses needing specific finance and repayment options I am pleased to inform you we can now offer quick approval and affordable repayment options .


These payment plans will be tailored around each businesses individual requirements and designed to fit within your budget.


We can finance any amount you need, you can even finance 100% of the machine price and repayments can be as little as $96.49 a week, and we can now offer the very best competitive rates in the industry.


Feel free to contact us to discuss further and we look forward to helping you start your new business.

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