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CoolSlimming™ 360° Machine

Our CoolSlimming™ 360° Machine is the very latest technology. The 360° handles cut treatment time by almost half than previous models. This innovative design offers greater comfort and most importantly, more tissue is treated.

The new design provides 360° refrigeration which means approx. 60% more tissue is treated than other generic machines with just 2 cooling plates. We can guarantee that this machine is the most advanced technology in Australia and there is no other machine to rival it.

Our investment in this machine ensures that we can compete head to head with any other Cryolipolysis machine available, yet still maintaining the most competitive wholesale machine prices in the industry.


Benefits Of A CoolSlimming™ 360° Machine

Our CoolSlimming™ 360° Technology Fat Freezing procedure is safe, requires absolutely no down time and can be done in as little time as it takes to have lunch!

Treatments are quick, pain free and there is no recovery time making this a perfect alternative to traditional invasive liposuction surgery.


Our CoolSlimming Machine comes with 4 handles          (3 different sized applicators per handle for different body parts) including a Chin Piece that can be used simultaneously and 4 areas can be treated at once.

  • 25%-40% fat cell reduction per cycle

  • Safe, No Pain and Non Invasive

  • Treats stubborn areas of fat  with no downtime

  • Able to treat 4 areas at one time  <1 hour Treatment Time for 1-4 Areas

  • 360° State of the art technology 

  • Body confidence guaranteed


Interchangeable Body Applicators

CoolSlimming™ Applicators attached to the hand pieces with ease and are interchangeable to allow multiple areas to be treated at once.

The Freeze Curve Contour is for large areas such as the flanks.

The Freeze Core Contour is for great for the upper and lower abdomen areas.

The Freeze Fit Contour is perfect for the inner and outer thigh areas.

The Freeze Mini Applicator

The CoolSlimming™ Freeze Mini Applicator is specifically designed to target small volumes of fatty build-up that can be difficult to eliminate.

The Freeze Mini applicator’s unique shape, size and curvature make it ideal for safely targeting delicate, hard-to-reach accumulations of fat.

CoolSlimming™ Applicators

CoolSlimming Anti-Freeze


CoolSlimming™ Anti-Freeze Membranes are the highest quality cryolipolysis anti-freezing membranes on the market.

Each membrane is manufactured from quality ingredients, ensuring each packet contains enough anti-freezing fluid to provide optimal protection for your client. 

They are very large at 24cm x 39cm and can be cut in half depending on the treatment area. They have a 3 year Guarantee Period and have been tested and certified to be safe and effective.

Do not endanger your vacuum system with cheap membranes of an unclear origin.


*Always use quality anti-freezing membranes from CoolSlimming™*