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CoolSlimming Ultimate 360 Background
CoolSlimming Ultimate 360 Model

Brand NEW CoolSlimming Ultimate 360° Machine 

CoolSlimming Ultimate 360 Case

The NEW CoolSlimming Ultimate 360° machine, it’s the most advanced fat freezing machine available to date!

Our Revolutionary CoolSlimming Machine comes with 4 handles that can be used simultaneously to treat 2 clients at the same time or 4 areas at once. This makes it a huge revenue generator for any business.

Each treatment can remove up to 40% of fat cells, once they are gone, they are gone permanently.

​This machine has brand new upgraded technology with 13 Medical Grade Covered Silicone Grip Applicators for every area at every angle. With up to 300% increased coverage than previous models, there is no other machine on the market to rival it!


Why Choose/Upgrade to CoolSlimming Ultimate 360°?

  • 13 Covered Silicone Grip Silicone Applicators for Any Area

  • Fast and Easy Applicator Exchange

  • Any Treatment Area at Any Angle

  • Upgraded 360° Surround Cooling angle

  • 20% More Suction

  • Up to 300% Increased Coverage

  • Treat 4 Areas At The Same Time

  • Up to 40% Fat Reduction Per Treatment

  • 2 Motors and 4 Independent Controlling Systems

  • Virtually no sound (much quieter than previous models)

  • The Full Silicone Head Applicators ensure the treatment is much more comfortable than old applicators

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CoolSlimming Ultimate 360° Silicone Applicators

13 Interchangeable Medical Grade Silicone Grip Body Applicators

The CoolSlimming Ultimate 360° is equipped with an expandable range of applicators that makes it easier than ever to achieve significant results on the most challenging of areas.



To be used on smaller areas such as Bra Line, Flanks, Love Handles and Below Buttocks



To be used on larger areas such as the Upper and Lower Abdomen



To be used on larger areas such as Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks and Love Handles



To be used on flat areas such as the Abdomen, Arms and Inner Thighs



Lateral Lower Chin, Double Chin, Jaw Line, Axilla, Knees & Other Small Areas



Centre Lower Chin, Double Chin, Axilla, Knees & Other Small Areas



Huge Coverage for Outer Thighs, Inner Thighs, Torse Sides & Other Flat and Wide Areas

CoolSlimming Ultimate Flex.png

CoolSlimming Ultimate 360° Upgraded Technology for Enhanced Results

State Of The Art Technology

CoolSlimming Ultimate 360 Case 1


The upgraded 360° surround cooling of the CoolSlimming Ultimate 360° delivers cooling energy throughout the entire applicator and makes it possible to reach the designated treatment temperature at a faster rate. The upgraded technology has 2 Motors and 4 Independent Controlling Systems which is 100% more power than previous models.

Not only is the CoolSlimming Ultimate 360° capable of 20% stronger suction, up to 300% increased coverage than previous models, it also provides the ability to adjust both cooling and suction levels to confidently provide customised treatments for clients.

Always keep up to date with current technology and offer the best possible results to your clients.

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