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Make Your Perfect

"Slim Body"

Permanent Fat Reduction

MediCel MiCool

Cryo Fat Reduction Device MiCool

MediCel MiCool Handpieces

MiCool is a Non-Invasive procedure that uses cooling technology to noticeably eliminate fat without surgery.

Selectively affect only fat cells following the natural body system which is called Apoptosis.

Without pain, without side effect, you can have your slim body.

How It Works

MediCel MiCool SENS

MiCool Strengths

MediCel MiCool Process

Proper level of cooling energy selectively effects to fat cells only without any
damages of surrounding other tissue. Only fat cells will be selectively removed.

Effectivenss will be seen from 7 days to 90 days after the treatment.

This result lasts forever even after only one treatment.

Cryo fat reduction is activated based on the process of Apoptosis, not Necrosis.

Based on the histological sequence of inflammatory response, dead fat cells are excreted through
the macrophages through sweat and urine. 

Interchangeable  Body Applicators

MediCel MiCool Interchangable.png

Safe Treatment

MediCel MiCool Gel Pad

High Quality Gel Pad

We use a high quality gel that doesn’t freeze below -20
so it protects skin and prevents frostbite from cooling energy.

MediCel MiCool Smart Liner

Smart Liner

It prevents malfunction by the gel inflow and eliminates the need to clean the hand piece tubes.

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