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Permanent Hair Free Satin Smooth Skin Everyday


MediCel Laser Hair Removal Promo

The Golden Standard for Laser Hair Removal

The Golden Standard for Laser Hair Removal Platform

755nm, 808nm & 1064nm into one single innovative handpiece.

More and more people desire to have permanent hair reduction. They want a treatment that is effective, fast and comfortable.


Our Laser Hair Removal Device offers the synergistic benefits of the 3 most effective wavelengths for hair removal, each targeting different structures within the hair follicle. The 3 main anatomical targets include the Bulge, Bulb and Papilla.

MediCel Laser Hair Removal Machine

Medical Grade Technology

Our method of laser hair removal is virtually painless, and it is the safest laser hair removal method for all skin types, including dark and tanned skin. Its unique gradual heating and single pulse delivery method effectively kills the hair follicle and hinders re-growth, while preventing injury to the surrounding tissue.


The Laser affects the melanin of the skin using a unique method, allowing the procedure to be performed anytime of the year as well as on tanned skin. Furthermore, sun exposure is less traumatic to the skin following Diode treatment. The technology emits 3 different wavelengths simultaneously each with its own advantages.

  • The ND-YAG 1064-nanometre provides deep penetration, targeting deep hair follicles and is also safe fordark skin types.

  •  The 808-nanometre is the optimal wavelength for safely removing coarse and fine hair in all skin types.

  •  The 755-nanometre features high absorption by melanin pigments to successfully treat fine, lighter hairand it is also for white skin types.


The laser transforms into thermal energy which in turn terminates hair growth by destroying surrounding stem cells and hair follicle. Our unique applicators overcome the challenges of various skin types, hair types and hair densities with unprecedented results by emitting up to 20 shots in three wavelengths per second.


This delivers a low fluence and high frequency laser so that the tissue heating is gradual and safer for the skin. The in-motion method distributes the laser energy uniformly over the treatment area for homogenous coverage with superior results. This unique technology meets the trinity of hair removal requirements, speed, efficacy and safety without compromise.

Our Device Benefits

MediCel Laser Hair Removal Cooling Applicator

Cooling Handpiece

The Cooling Handpiece is an additional handpiece used for client comfort, if required after the Treatment.

The Cooling Handpiece can go down to -11°C and can be used for Cryotherapy

MediCel Laser Hair Removal Nose And Ear Applicator

Nose and Ear Applicator

Hair in the Nose and Ears are very popular with Men as they age.

With our Nose and Ear applicator you can laser the hair away permanently

MediCel Laser Hair Removal Technology

Heading 1

Cdiode (1).png
MediCel Laser Hair Removal Technology 2

  • Short treatment time

  • Maximal treatment comfort

  • Optimal results

  • Skin type (I-VI) & hair color and texture adjustable

  • Benefit from a rapid return on investment

  • 20 - 30 Million shots per handpiece

  • Increase your patient satisfaction

  • Build up your clinic prestige

  • No anesthetic required

  • Reduce treatment time up to 45%

  • Differentiate your practice

  • Grow your profits

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